No two people are alike.  Similarly, every brain injury is unique.  Even with similar lesions on MRI studies of the brain, injuries manifest themselves differently in eachpatient.

For this reason, diagnosis and treatment is by no means simple.  Treatment should be tailored to the specific individual and performed by qualified and experienced professionals.

With more than two decades of experience in this field, I provide a goal-directed, realistic, and practical approach tailored to each individual’s particular needs.

Ibelieve each individual and his /her loved ones are entitled to the best care possible so they can Move A Head.

Specifically, I treat patients with the following conditions:

  • Brain Injuries
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety, including social anxiety and worry
  • Stress and Coping Difficulties
  • Veterans dealing with post-deployment adjustment and PTSD.


  • Neuropsychological Testing
  • Individual Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • TBI Support Groups
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation Groups
  • Parent/ Family Support and Educational Groups

I am always available for expert opinion and evaluation and may be contacted for complementary phone consultation.



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