• Dr. Heidi Spitz is a natural therapist and an excellent neuropsychologist. She is highly creative, attuned to nonverbal communication, compassionate, and kind. She is intuitive, highly intelligent, and caring. She is able to work effectively the adolescents and adults experiencing trauma, loss, chronic illness, and relational challenges. She possesses a great deal of clinical depth and knowledge of a variety of theoretical approaches including psychodynamic and cognitive-behavior therapy. Dr. Spitz has done a wonderful job with many challenging patients I have referred to her over the past twenty years, I recommend her with enthusiasm.

Robert M. Gordon, Psy.D.
Director of Intern Training
Co-Director of Postdoctoral Fellow Training
Clinical Associate Professor
NYU Langone Medical Center

  • Thanks to this blog I have a brand new outlook of the near and long term future as I continue to Move A Head!  I love the way you finish each entry and post. You are shining as you’ve always have… Only now, because of the blog, more people with TBI and their families can have a better  understanding  of this complex condition!  On behalf of the many who are benefiting from your wisdom “THANK YOU”!

Danielle Joffe 

  • God has…. also a very special reward for all the good you’ve done and the good you’re going to do as you help all of us to see and understand more!  We are moving ahead because of you and you commitment!

Rob A

  •  I am so happy that I have been working together with Dr. Spitz. She has helped me understand my condition with so much caring and concern. This has been the hardest time in my life… I have been doing training and workshops to increase my memory and other cognitive skills.  I feel better about myself. I am so blessed that Dr. Spitz has been there for me. I am Moving A Head. I hope to continue to grow, heal, learn and improve my life even more. I know Dr. Spitz how much you care… Thank you.

Judy R.