Can I improve my memory with computer software?

I am frequently asked this question.  Even my fellow professionals debate this issue. I have decided to dedicate my first Moving Ahead blog entry to this topic

In my opinion computer games can be a helpful addition to treatment by focusing on practicing specific skills. So while you typically get better at a specific game, you are not necessarily improving overall function. That’s not always a bad thing – for some folks it is a good starting point, but it is not a complete solution by any means.

For optimum success your treatment should be specific to your unique needs.  The reality is that each individual learns differently.

While there are lots of options, I will only list a few today.  First, I do not wish to confuse anyone by listing too many choices.

Second, if you are aware of the underlying reason why you are playing a game, you will more likely use this skill in your daily routine.  You will find for every game listed below, the deficits this activity is targeting.

I will suggest a few games at a time; I will update my recommendations on a regular basis via email (hard copies available if requested) and by blog postings.  If you need specific games targeting particular difficulties, let me know and I will provide them as needed.

So here we go…..

    This is the most popular site.

This program improves memory, attention and processing speed and will provide you with a daily-individualized program targeting your special needs.   This program is easy to use and appealing with beautiful graphics. The site lets you play for 3 days free.  Thereafter, you have to provide a credit card # if you wish to proceed.  It is not expensive and they offer different payment options. (Speak to me if you have questions).

The games I chose are free, easily accessible and quite popular.  Start at an easy level and gradually move up to the more difficult levels.

Stained Glass

This electronic visual organization task requires you to organize boxes according to colors. This game helps….

  • Improve memory
  • Increase visual attention
  • Improve organization and planning and problem- solving
  • Help the brain learn to work quicker

Sliding Block Puzzle

This problem-solving task requires you to move a red piece to the exit of puzzle.  This game helps…

  • Improve non-verbal learning, memory and problem solving skills
  • Increase visual attention and concentration
  • Increase your brains speed
  • Helps with planning and organization of things you need to do.

Mixed Math Mahjong

This task requires you to solve arithmetic problems and scan for identical values. This game helps….

  • Improve attention and scanning
  • Improve organization, planning and problem- solving
  • Increase brains speed


This task requires you to scan for matching pairs of visual images. This game helps….

  • Improve visual attention
  • Increase visual attention and scanning
  • Improve organization, planning and problem- solving


A numerical task that requires reasoning and planning to organize digits in empty boxes (improves same deficits discussed above).

One thought on “Can I improve my memory with computer software?

  1. Thanks for the list of games with details of what symptoms can improve. I will try these out and see how they work. There’s always room for improvement with or without a TBI! These games appear to diminish symptoms of Dementia or at least decrease symptoms slowing progression. Take care and stay safe.

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