“My goal is to help individuals with symptoms resulting from brain injury redefine themselves and together with me attain a new-self that they never thought was possible.”

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  1. Finally the age of acceptance in recognition of Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI). What makes a soldier’s character? Answer: Pain. Yes I said it, without the pain and desire to correct that pain ,diagnose treat or patch up a persons physical and mental handicap a true Dr would emerge valiantly to step up and help wholehearted with the medical expertise those of us that suffer from this invisible illness.

    “I am not well”, though visually you cannot find a fault by looking at me. If my necktie was crooked it would be obvious to you and you can chose whether or not to tell me. My illness is not obvious but to give God the Glory first here now in this present time recognition is being given through these Psychotherapist and Neurologist that document our pattern lacking or not it is documented and analyzed for the best answer to be given. As Isolated as I have become since after my accident I am sure to find the strength to undertake the impossible yet simple task to jump in the right train and seek out the proper help.

    I have no answer for the science and the complexity going on in my head. Although my unfortunate event happened in 2008 I could not comprehend or make sense of words and numbers for two years after the event, it took me until February 2010 to finally compose my first sentence again. Ashamed and hidden in Isolation from being a productive Army Reservist simultaneously working with a reputable NYC Law Enforcement agency ,active runner and going on my 10th year personally studying the Word of God to be a minister someday and a fiancee to complete my dreams and goals in an instant was all taken away as if I became invisible or a vegetable.

    I do not remember the two years after the accident but I am reminded by the accumulation ,hoarding you might say of my personal belongings and those of my former fiancee I have made a hedge in and lay and wait restless ,tormented by flashbacks until day break when I finally fall asleep.I did not realize that for the last 2 years I have lived in darkness as I covered the windows with black garbage bags without even remembering. Where is my life ?,why am I so outwardly complete but broken inwardly and I hold my silence. Where has my confidence gone? I am glad that “Head Games” will bring forward more victims of this invisible illness.

    My decision to express myself now comes from the pain of not being who I thought I was and who I am to be will be determined as more available help and trained experts categorize our condition as a definite long term impairment; a disability that I am quietly currently imprisoned in and suffering with. Could I build a bridge to stand in the gap to bypass this Pain I feel in my head and be relieved? Time will tell, I have accepted I am not the man I used to be. I have to move….ahead.

  2. Thank you for speaking up and sharing your powerful story. Individuals reading this are going to be moved by your words and identify with your thoughts and feelings. There are so many people out there who feel just like you do and reading your words will help them see that they are not alone. Also, individuals with a family member (child, partner, parent) who suffers from a TBI, need to hear from people like you, so they can start to understand this “invisible illness” and treat their loved ones accordingly. Let’s Move A Head

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